Database Usage

This database may be used for research and non-commercial purposes.

Please cite the following article in any published work that is based on the nature scene collection:

Geisler WS & Perry JS (2011). Statistics for optimal point prediction in natural images. Journal of Vision. October 19, 2011 vol. 11 no. 12 article 14. pdf

Please cite the following article in any published work that is based on the campus scene collection:

Burge J, Geisler WS (2011). Optimal defocus estimation in individual natural images. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 108 (40): 16849-16854 pdf

Please cite the following article in any published work that is based on the Contour Database:

WS Geisler, JS Perry, BJ Super, DP Gallogly (2001). Vision Research 41, 711-724. pdf

Image Capture

Capture deviceNikon D700 Digital SLR
LensSigma 50mm 1:2.8 DG Macro
Pixel format14 bits per channel RGB
Image resolution4284 x 2844
Exposure indexISO 200
Sensor typeFX-format 23.9x36mm CMOS

Camera Calibration

The following pixel sensitivity functions may be used to convert the image RGB values to other colorspaces (e.g.: XYZ, LMS, ..., etc.).

Database image pixel values may be converted to CIE XYZ colorspace using the following equation, which is found in these Camera Calibration Notes.

The values of the F-number (f) and the exposure time in seconds (T) are available in the EXIF file for each image.

Scene Collections

Each scene collection consists of image sets and corresponding metadata sets, each archived into a ZIP format file.

The 4284 x 2844 pixel, 14-bit NEF format images were converted to PPM format using dcraw v8.99 with the options "-4 -o 0 -q 3".

Note that prior to October 31, 2012, the database files contained on this site had been converted with the "-o 1" option, which specifies sRGB colorspace conversion. The previous image sets containing sRGB conversion may be found here.

The image sets below do not contain sRGB conversion. If you wish to convert to another colorspace, you may do so programmatically, with, for example, MATLAB or Python. Also, many image processing applications like Photoshop and ImageMagick allow for conversion to other colorspaces (sometimes called Color Profiles or ICC Profiles).

The metadata text files contain shutterspeeds, aperture settings, capture data and time, GPS coordinates, and other Exif file format information.

Note that the thumbnail images below have been gamma corrected and their dynamic range has been adjusted so that they are easier to view on an 8-bit per channel monitor. The 16-bit images contained in the archives are not gamma corrected and their dynamic ranges have not been adjusted.

Each files' size in bytes and checksum may be found here.

Nature Scene Collection

ContentNature scenes containing no man-made objects or people
LocationAustin, Texas, USA and surrounding areas
Total images1204
Image sets9
Total uncompressed disk space requirements82GB

Set 1 (19GB) [Exif metadata]

Set 2 (13GB) [Exif metadata]

Set 3 (3.5GB) [Exif metadata]

Set 4 (5.8GB) [Exif metadata]

Set 5 (2.9GB) [Exif metadata]

Set 6 (7.5GB) [Exif metadata]

Set 7 (12GB) [Exif metadata]

Set 8 (3GB) [Exif metadata]

Set 9 (6.4GB) [Exif metadata]

Campus Scene Collection

ContentUniversity campus scenes containing cars, buildings, and people
Location The University of Texas at Austin
Total images90
Image sets1
Total uncompressed disk space requirements6GB

Set 1 (5.5GB) [Exif metadata]

Stereo Image and Range Data Collection

ContentStereo images with registered 3D position data of natural and man-made scenes
Location The University of Texas at Austin
Total images98
Image sets1
Total uncompressed disk space requirements8.1GB (or 3.6GB for 720p)
Technical DetailsReadMe

Set 1 (8GB) [Exif metadata] [720p (smaller FOV)]

Contour Database

ContentHand segmented contour data from natural images
Total images20
Data formattext

The data and a description of the contents are available at

Human Made Scene Collection

ContentIndoor and outdoor scenes containing human made objects
Location Austin, Texas
Total images197
Image sets1
Total uncompressed disk space requirements14GB

Set 1 (12GB) [Exif metadata]